The AK-7 is an unusual, novel SMG based on the AK platform. It was created by Colt in 2017 for the Ukranian and American infantry soldiers to use in the Ukranian War.


A standard-issue AK-7 with an iron sight and a flash suppressor.

Statistics Edit

Capacity: 10 rounds

Caliber: 7.62×39mm

Rate of fire: 600 rpm

Effective range: 150 m

Muzzle velocity: 600 m/s

Weight loaded/unloaded: 1.5 kg unloaded, 2 kg loaded

Advantages Edit

  • The gun is small and easy to conceal.
  • It is compatible with the ubiquitous AK platform.
  • Like its assault-rifle brethren, it is very reliable and serviceable.

Disadvantages Edit

  • Because it has no stock and a small frame, it is prone to excessive kickback and can be hard to wield effectively with just one hand.
  • Due to its short barrel, it is considerably less accurate than its brethren and is only useful for close combat.

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