The Chinese manufactured Type 22 is a PDW capable of firing at a rate of 350 RPM, firing bullets almost half the size of an average M1911 Colt .45 Defender round, but thrice the ROF. Featuring a SCAR_L Stock, a foregrip, an FN P90 horizontal clip, an extended flas hider, and a lightweight and portable (not to mention dual-wieldable) polymer design.

Made after the cleanup from Dien Bien Phu, the Chinese and Russian distributed Type 22 Personal Defense Weapon is a perfect police and civilian defense weapon.

Design & Manufacturing

Design began in 1954 when Indochinese farmer Manhong vu Tiep created a weapon that could easily survive in water, mud, and dense jungles. It would have to never jam up, and keep a fair ammunition capacity. The Type 22 was perfect for this. It comes with an MR-14D Foregrip for recoil purposes, and a 47 round magazine. Also for recoil purposes, a SCAR-L polymer stock was added to the completion. Vu Tiep thought it would help, and so he submitted it to Laotian commando forces who worked on it right away.

1 and a half months after design, manufacturing began in Dien Bien Phu's main fields by sweaty workers who spent about 4 weeks creating an assembly line of 50 Type 22's per hour. In August 1954, over 1700 Type 22's were distributed to Indochinese forces across Vietnam and Korea.