Compact module capable advanced weapon. It is a machine pistol released on 25 September 2015 chambered in custom made 5.53x42mm ammo designed for law enforcement units. It is fully automatic and uses less lethal capable ammo (Low Velocity Crowd Dispersion Ammo).
Desktop 09-02-2016 06-49-21 p. m.-803

Chambered in 5.53x42mm (AFA made)

Length: 368 mm

Weight: 2.27 KG unloaded 2.89 KG loaded

RPM: 950

Automatic and safe only

Made to use less lethal 5.53x42mm LVCDA Amunition showed above

Can also use any other kind of ammo made in 5.53x42mm

Capacity: 15/30 rounds

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