The M18 rifle is a weapon formerly made by Bodan and Adams Firearms Co. In 2014, Accurafire Manufacturing Company bought the rights to produce the M18. It was used alongside the M16/M16A1 in the Vietnam War.

History Edit

In the competition to replace the M14, two weapons won: The M18 rifle and the M16 rifle. The M18 rifle was first produced in 1965, and it shot the 5.56x45mm NATO round just like the M16. However, many soldiers got the M16 rifle because the M18 cost more to produce. The lucky soldiers got the lightweight M18. The M18 was made by Bodan and Adams Firearms Co. in response to the competition to replace the M14 rifle. It was made to be lightweight and reliable, and it was.


The M18.

Specifications Edit

Weight: 7.8 pounds loaded

Length: 40 inches

Effective Range: 600m (point target)

Price (U.S): $2000

Ammunition: 5.56x45mm NATO

Ammo Capacity: STANAG magazines, 20 or 30.

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