• Kyle Layton


    June 25, 2017 by Kyle Layton

    Kyle Layton was born in 1st July, 1995, Manhattan, New York. Left by his parents by the age of 3, because they disappeared one day, not knowing why. Kyle spent most of his childhood and school life in St. Joseph Orphanage, and he was suffering from didactic memory, a condition when one can thoroughly remember details of events of the past without a slight error. This makes him always remember the night his parents died, which granted him a never ending depression, but also granting him uncanny intelligence.

    His high school years was very short because Kyle's didactic memory allowed him to graduate much earlier, because he didn't have to study anything, just read the whole book of any subject once. At the age of 15 he graduated his premature…

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  • SeaKingInternational

    Hi guys, seaking here, i just created a new wiki called FirearmsIndustry, so go check it out. ill post a link. pretty much select a brand, then make guns for them. more info on page. Firearm Industry

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  • Alvarez998

    Help requested!!!

    May 18, 2017 by Alvarez998

    Hey folks, recently I've been participating in Killedby91's indie game project as an "art designer" since the blog was published.

    For the course of 3 days I've managed to replicate 2 of CS:GO snipers, the AWP and the SSG-08. However, since the PMG app itself is very limited, creating complicated things like camos have been challenging for me.

    So now, I calling you guys, the PMG Wikia Community to reunite and help me and Killedby91 by customizing and adding camos to 2 of my creations (more will be added soon) using either Photoshop or the PMG app itself. Those who have good experience with Photoshop like Scorpion AI and JW Turner are highly anticipated.

    Of course it's all voluntary but if really wanted to help, give me your best shot and your …

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  • Killedby91

    Hello Guys,

    I am an indie game designer. I am 26 YO and interested in mobile games.

    We made a game called "Counter Agar" or  "Counter Cell" for android about 2 years ago.

    The game is basically composition of Counter Strike and

    We get 300.000 users in months and lose them really fast because our game was real-time online and if user can not find other players, he basically delete it.

    On our game, we used Pimp My Gun and it was the most amazing thing about it.

    Since, we are professionals now,

    we are going to make a second game , a better game, in months and looking for volunteers who want to make their own design on Weapons of Counter Strike in Pimp My Gun.

    I believe that there are a lot of people interested in and doing this as hobby, that …

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  • SeaKingInternational

    Hi guys, SeaKing here. I am hosting a competition for this earth-1 WWIII scenario I made up. here is a quick image of the factions:

    So, the competition is to design a basic assault rifle for either Eastern union or united alliance. you can make one for both if you want. i will judge them in 5 days time. the winners will... WIN!!!!!. i will probably do tonnes of these for every weapon type. Also, tell me if we should actually make this happen in legit earth-1. SeaKing out.

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  • GoldenApple NB

    I was bored.

    Now you know why railguns are amazing.

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  • GoldenApple NB

    Remember: There are game devs out there... on a small island next to Australia that uses PMG for a gun in their game, with lower quality than a lot of stuff here.

    My point: person like Daniel would have easier time getting game artist job than some who are out there.

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  • Kirt2
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  • Cariscle Firearms Co.

    Hi everyone. First off, I am finally back after a month or so of absolute nothingness. Reason for my absense is I upload my guns when I'm at school because I spend most of my free time making the fuckers. Also happy new years/ merry christmas blah blah blah drone...

    Anyway I will be releasing my new season of weapon in the upcoming months so stay tuned there, as well as some guns I didn't release last year.

    So that is all and I bid thee farewell. Oh and stay blue.

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  • Kirt11

    Am coming back

    January 21, 2017 by Kirt11

    Sometime soon (probably in the next week)...

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