The AT/AA Launcher MT/AD-1 (Anti-Tank/Anti-Aircraft Launcher Mixed: Tank/Aircraft Destroyer-1 Rocket), is a simple handheld rocket launcher that can shoot AFAT-1 (AccuraFire Anti Tank model 1) or AFAA-1 (AccuraFire Anti-Aircraft model 1) light rockets, and made by Accurafire Manufacturing Company. It is equipped with a scope made just for it, called the Allfinder.

Features Edit

Features of the MT/AD-1 include:

-Advanced Scope: Allfinder Mk. I


AA Launcher

The AT/AA Launcher MT/AD-1, loaded with an AFAT-1. Below it is an AFAA-1

-Can be operated by one man

-Takes light rockets

-Infrared Lasers to pinpoint targets

Specifications Edit

Weight: 13.6 Pounds

Length: 39.6 inches

Effective Firing Range: 320m (Point Target)

Maximum Firing Range: 640m (Area Target), 2,200m (Maximum)

Price (U.S): $1,350

Ammunition: AFAT-1, AFAA-1

Ammo Capacity: 1 Rocket

Scope Features Edit

The Allfinder Advanced Scope is truly amazing. Features of the Allfinder Scope are:

-Ability to switch between modes: Regular, Thermal, NV.

-Takes Custom Accurafire Long-Lasting Batteries

-Can Zoom 1-25x

-It tags tanks and aircraft in red by default, but different colors can be set via the buttons on the scope.

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