The AMR-5 (Anti-Material Rifle-5 shot) is an anti-material rifle made by Accurafire Manufacturing Company. It shoots the Accurafire .600 round, which is sure to pack a punch. It has 2 Picatinny rails. It comes with a TR-20 Scope, and a folding bipod. It also comes with Troy Folding Iron Sights. It has a large compensator to keep the recoil down as well. It is currently competing with the Rickard Firearms and Defense M117 Bullpup Sniper Rifle, the VAC Death Watch, the WKW Orzel, the PPF Erzengel, the Kaizen Takedown, and the RDI RA-11.

Features Edit

Features of the AMR-5 include:

-Powerful Accurafire .600 round.

-TR-20 Scope

-Low recoil for an anti-material rifle due to the integral recoil compensation systems present in all Accurafire firearms, as well as a large compensator.

-HK Battlegrip

AMR-5 Grim Reaper

The AMR-5.

-Strong Frame

-Doesn't take much effort to pull the bolt back

-5-round magazine

Specifications Edit

Weight: 30 pounds

Length: 48 inches

Effective Range: 1.3 miles

Price (U.S): $6,500

Ammunition: .600 Accurafire

Ammo Capacity: 5

AMR-5 Minimalist Models Edit

The minimalist models of the AMR-5 are for the people who want to save as much weight and/or cost as possible. The first minimalist model, the AMRM-1, is a single shot version of the AMR-5, and it comes with no magazine or scope. The first model doesn't come with a bipod or a compensator (which are recommended), either. However, the recoil is a worse without the compensator and bipod (this should be obvious!).

AMR-5 Minimalist Model 1

The Minimalist Model 1

AMR-5 Minimalist Model 2
AMR-5 Minimalist Model 1

The AMRM-2 is just like the Minimalist Model 1, except with a compensator. Nothing special, really.

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