The Advanced FireArms SemiAutomatic Sniper Rifle 308 is a 20 Round .308 sniper rifle designed for urban long range combat Relased in April 26 2016. using a recoil spring sistem and an electronic magazine it can place perfect shots at a distance of 1100 meters

Desktop 10-02-2016 05-16-52 p. m.-782
  1. Chambered in .308
  2. 20 Round electronic box magazine
  3. Semiautomatic
  4. Weigh is 9,46 K when unloaded and 10,67 K when loaded
  5. High precision up to 1100 M
  6. Length is 980 mm

Users: Edit

  • JTF2
  • SAS
  • SBS
  • Royal Malaysian Navy (PASKAL)
  • U.S Marines
  • Brazilian army and C.O.P.E.S.P
  • GSG9

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