The Advanced FireArms N-63 is a selective fire assault rifle chambered in experimental 6.30x36 (AFA Made) made specially for the necesities of the Norwegian Forsvarets Spesialkommando (FSK) to replace the M4 it has an standard version and a SD version. its mainly made as a counter terrorist weapon. production started in August 5 2016. it competes with the VAC Valkyrie Mk. 2, RC-523 and the R-300. And has another Version AFA N-63A1

Desktop 11-02-2016 03-46-04 p. m.-838

Requirements Edit

  • Shorter than 630 mm
  • Lighter than 7.30 K loaded
  • Cartridge should be 5.56 or bigger but no over 7.62
  • Supressable or with an integral supressor
  • Flip up or removable sights
  • Low recoil and high acurracy
  • Less than 500 jams in a 8000 shot test
  • Modular
  • Cost not higher than 2800

Carabine version Edit

Desktop 11-02-2016 09-39-42 p. m.-786

N-63C Edit

the diferences are

  • length is 432 mm
  • weight is 3.55 K unloaded an 4.05 K loaded
  • RPM is 940
  • cost is 1900$ per unit

Users Edit

the only user right now is the Forsvarets Spesialkommando but other armies and private contractors are also interested.

Interested agencies, armies and PMC´s:

  • GIGN
  • Boston SWAT
  • GRG9
  • Seattle SWAT
  • Blackwater security
  • U,S Army
  • UK Army
  • Policía federal (Mexican federal police)
  • KSK
  • Delta force
  • Navy SEAL´s
  • SOG and SAD (CIA)

Stats Edit

  • Length is 540 mm
  • Weight is 5.25 K unloaded and 5.85 K loaded
  • Custom 6.30x36 cartridges
  • Cost is 2400$ per unit
  • RPM is 870

First operation (Operation blitz) Edit

October 23 2016 a norwegian cargo ship is hijacked 30 Km from the oslo coast having 67 hostages. 1 team is dispatched on helicopters and other 2 teams on assault boats the helicopter team clears the deck of the boat with ease using N-63 rifles and shooting from the helicopter when the boats arrive the teams of 8 operators each enter the boat using a rope at the back of the ship and relasing 8 hostages on the communication room and killing 4 terrorists on the same room. after that the helicopter lands and deploys the team inside and together the 3 teams start clearing the boat from to top to the lower part of the boat where a hostage is injured after being shot by a terrorist.

22 terrorist where killed and 5 captured

all hostages were rescued with one injury

The FSK Operators have said that the N-63 was they´re most important tool.

Desktop 11-02-2016 09-29-16 p. m.-30

the configurations used during Operation blitz (above)

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