The Advanced FireArms Heavy Carbine 7 is a 7.62x45 mm carbine designed for durability, low recoil and being very reliable as it was tested in every environment possible

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Stats: Edit

Reciprocating piston bolt

Weight: 3.89 Kg unloaded and 4.32 Kg loaded

Length: 630 mm barrel length: 480 mm

7,62x45mm ammo

RPM: 720

Effective range: 560 m

Foldable stock

Front case ejection


Full auto, semi auto, and safety

foldable iron sights

Four side picatinny rails

20 shot magazine / 50 shot drum magazine

47 jams in an extreme dust environment, 23 jams in an extreme heat environment, 31 Jams in an extreme humidity environment, (tested with 4000 shots tests with every environment) making this gun extremely reliable   

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