Cool down (2/19/2018 - 2/2018)


The 1st Perpetual Competition operated as written below:

  • The first phase is the building phase, where the competitors build and enter their weapons by placing them into the current Contending Designs section. The building phase is ten days long.
  • The second phase is the voting phase - no new designs can enter; anyone on the wiki may vote for a winner. It lasts for one week, but may continue longer if the total vote count is less than five.

Voting is done through the comments to prevent vote rigging. For that same reason, only registered users can vote.

  • The third phase, the interphase, consists of the winner choosing the next cycle or electing another PARTICIPANT to choose the next competition theme (i. e. Machine Gun). The interphase is three days long.

The cycle then repeats itself unless someone commences a vote (in an interphase) to end the Perpetual Competition, and the majority votes Yes.

Current CycleEdit

UK is looking to replace its aging arsenal of MP5s. Design a PDW that is on par or surpasses the performance of the MP5 whilst retaining the mobility and handiness of the weapon. As such, your weapon:

  • is chambered in a cartridge with an overall length no more than 60 mm (2.36 in.)
  • weigh no more than 3.5 kg (7.7 lbs)
  • has a barrel length no more than 230 mm (9 in.)
  • has an overall length of no more than 810 mm (32 in.) with stock extended

Contending Designs Edit


By a margin, the A.R.C Foundation's PDW-65 emerged victorious.


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